Haven’t Had a Drink in Two Years

Two years ago I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol. Simply, it's not good for me. How many times do you throw up in the bushes, or pee yourself before you recognize alcohol isn't your friend?

I'm an all our nothing drinker. It's a bottle of wine a day, or none at all. For me, there is no drinking in moderations. God Bless you if you can consume alcohol in moderation.

When I sat down and thought about it, I had 50 reasons to not drink, and just a few to consume alcohol.

Coming from a long line of alcoholics, I recognized the behavior and the likelihood that I myself was an alcoholic. I have years where I didn't consume alcohol, but each time I started up, in short order I would be drinking in excess.

What I've Learned Since Giving Up Alcohol

  • I don't need it to be social.
  • It made my anxiety WORSE.
  • Alcohol robbed me of being present during important occasions.
  • It increased my chances of having breast cancer. I had a lumpectomy right before I quit drinking.
  • Weight loss is WAY easier!
  • Not having a puffy face is fabulous!
  • I haven't thrown up in two years!
  • My confidence has skyrocketed.
  • I've never been more myself.
  • Being comfortable in my own skin means I truly don't give a shit what people think of me, good or bad. I'm just over here being me.

Sobriety isn't for everyone. If you can drink in moderation, which is defined as one drink a day for women and two a day for men, then more power to you. But, be aware that moderation doesn't mean risk free! Drinking at all increases your risk of certain illnesses, especially in women.

If you struggle with any health issues, alcohol is not your friend. Even a small amount causes inflammation. Even if I could drink in moderation today, alcohol would make me very sick, given the health issues I battle. I have chronic Lyme disease and two auto-immune disorders. For me drinking would be the equivalent of setting my own hair on fire.

Today I celebrate two years without a drop. Two years of getting my life back. Two years of getting to know and love myself enough to NOT do something that I know will hurt me.

Live Aloha,

Ultimately I'm a writer who works out her issues through shamelessly sharing them. My partner Tony and I strive to "Live Aloha", but often miss the mark. I overshare about our travels, life and blended family.

4 thoughts on “Haven’t Had a Drink in Two Years

  1. High five Natalie! Whether alcohol or food or relationships, the growth opportunity is finding the right balance for physical and mental health. I’ve been on that journey for a year, and while still a work in progress (as I expect I will always be) I can so relate to your words!

    1. Mahalo Tamra! I know how much the stories of others has and continues to help me. Congratulations on your journey as well. It’s a beautiful thing to choose health as well as yourself!

  2. Bayside. 9:35. September 19th 2014. As I sat there hating life, I looked at that vodka red bull sitting in front of me. I needed a huge change and fast. Giving up my wingman of alcohol was the biggest thing I could do to change my life. I was in a bad place mentally. A bad marriage. I was over weight. I was broke. But most of all I wanted to die every morning after a “epic” night out. That “next morning anxiety” was a bitch. My life was spinning out of control and alcohol was controlling the ride. I said goodbye to a life that was slowly killing me that night. I said goodbye to alcohol. It wasn’t easy at first. See I couldn’t tell anyone why I quit. I was too embarrassed to admit I may have a problem. I told everyone I was quitting while my nephew was away at boot camp for 3 months. That worked. People left me alone. There was no twisting of my arm to drink. After the 3 months, The twisting began. This time was different. I had clarity for the first time in my life. I wanted to live. I did not give in to the pressures of others to drink and here I am almost 5 years later. Sober and alive! Fricken ALIVE!!! Was it easy??? Hell no!!! Was it worth it??? ABSOLUTELY!!!! Giving up alcohol has been the best decision I have every made in my life…. the rewards I have received ( now that I can see clearly) have been amazing. Natalie, you are one of those rewards. Thank you for sharing your story and for this platform for me to be able to share some of mine.

    1. Stephanie thank you for sharing! I’ve learned that it’s good to be vulnerable. Sharing the truth about our experiences helps other people. I know hearing the stories of others helped me a ton and it still does. It takes major balls to do what you did to turn your life around. Congratulations and keep going!

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