Meet Natalie and Tony

Natalie and Tony

Fun Facts About Natalie

  • She is left-handed
  • An award winning columnist
  • First Hawaiian in her family born into the United States. When her father was born in Hawaii it was a territory, not yet a state.
  • Is deathly afraid of mice.
  • Is obsessed with little people and anything miniature.
  • Gave her mom a kidney.
  • Grew up in a controversial cult, which she escaped from as an adult.
  • She went from being a radio host dishing about celebrity gossip to a podcast host discussing the joys and pitfalls of being a grown woman on the podcast Twila & Natalie.

Fun Facts About Tony

  • Is obsessed with vintage cars, boats and motorcycles.
  • He is half Macedonian and half Irish, as far as we know. He will be doing a DNA test soon.
  • Lived in Europe for just under two years.
  • He loves a good pole, fishing pole that is. He's an avid fisherman.
  • Grew up in the men's fashion industry, has amazing style and the ability to style others.
  • Once sang back-up for Barry Manilow.
  • Will try eating just about anything once.
  • He was once an extra on Baywatch.

We have a blended family with five children between us, three who are adults. We live in Minnesota and enjoy exploring our own community, sharing what we find as well as traveling throughout the United States and beyond.