5 Ways to Know You Have Millennial Aspirations, But Live a Generation X Reality

We have all been there. You want to try some new Millennial fad, and it goes horribly wrong. You try to connect with your kids by sharing their interest, next thing you know you can't move your shoulder for two days.

Tony and I have come to realize that we have millennial aspirations but are living a generation X reality. Are you?

5 Ways to Know You Have Millennial Aspirations, But are Living a GenX Reality.

  1. You use the eggplant emoji 🍆 to remind your kids to eat their vegetables. First off, kuddos to you for even using emojis. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the eggplant is not an eggplant. My kids (Millennials) have clued me in that it represents a penis.

2. You invite your kids over to celebrate our own epic lakeside "Burning Man", since they couldn't get off of work go to the actual festival. They arrive to this (photo on the right), but don't find it as funny as you do.

3. You misinterpret song lyrics. For example, you think the song lyric "Tryin' to catch me ridin' dirty." means you see someone you know at the grocery store when you haven't had a shower. It was the 13 year old who clued me in on this one. It means being in the car with drugs.

4. You don't agree to any risky activity till you have checked your health insurance deductible, to ensure you can avoid the trip to the ER that might result. Then you try to recreate the moves of a pro wake surfer named Kenzie McKinley and fail.

5. Your sexy look is more June Cleaver than Marilyn Monroe. Like when you attempt to replicate a sexy Marilyn Monroe inspired photo over an air vent, and it looks more like the girl who turns into a blueberry in the movie Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory.

This is a list we will be adding to. We would love for you to share with us if you have millennial aspirations but are living a GenX reality. Or, have you pulled off those aspirations?

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Ultimately I'm a writer who works out her issues through shamelessly sharing them. My partner Tony and I strive to "Live Aloha", but often miss the mark. I overshare about our travels, life and blended family.

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